Our Festival 2021 Crowdfunder Appeal

Please Help Us to Save Our Digital Causley Festival for 2021


Since 2010, the Causley Festival of Arts & Literature has brought the work of local literary hero Charles Causley to the forefront of Launceston’s rich history during the summer months.

Causley enthusiasts and the literary world more generally, delighted in watching the Festival grow over the years, allowing for more and different artists and events to contribute to the Festival’s programme, with record attendance in 2019. Last year, however (like so many Arts sector organisations around Cornwall, Britain and the whole world), we were suddenly hit with the coronavirus pandemic. We had to rethink our approach completely to planning and delivering the Festival – in short, we went ‘digital’.

While the 2020 digital event was a huge hit, with literally a world-wide audience (as well as a local one) for our mainly-free events, the Festival missed out on that all-important fundraising aspect, from bar sales and ticket income. Previously, that’s always allowed the next Festival to take place.

So, at the start of 2021, we find ourselves in a predicament. Without that money in the kitty ahead of time – and whether the Festival has to happen entirely on-line again, or this time can begin to host at least some physical, ‘face-to-face’ events in and around Launceston – we’re stuck. We’d be unable to support and pay the performers and similar artists for their contributions to the Festival. Many of those come from the surrounding area, and the South West as a whole – meaning the local economy and creative sector will miss out. Ultimately, without some funds in the bank, we have concerns about the future of the Festival.

We understand how important the arts are to supporting people’s mental health, particularly in such uncertain and concerning times; that applies to both our audiences and the artists. Alas, like all within the arts and cultural sector, we’ve experienced first-hand the lack of Government-backed financial support. Therefore, we need to look much more widely to help make the Causley Festival of Arts & Literature happen once again, this year.

Not only does the Festival promote the legacy of Charles Causley – whose writing continues to have a wide and profound impact on readers, writers, students, in Launceston and around the world – it also inspires others to delve deeper into their own creativity. In addition, with a host of excellent writers, artists, performers and creators coming together in our Cornish town for those few days over the summer, the Causley Festival of Arts & Literature inspires residents and visitors. They can take a closer look at Launceston’s past, its present, its connections to the literary and cultural world and how we can all incorporate the arts into our lives – for the better, in so many ways.

So: having missed out on that important income during last year’s digital Festival, we’re now appealing to you – our existing community of supporters for our current and future writers and artists, and all you lovers of words and poetry, art and music – as well as to all of our local residents, regional neighbours, and visitors to Launceston.

To that end, we’ve set up an online ‘Crowdfunder’ system, to gather your support in helping to achieve a target of £7,500. That would be enough to safeguard the 2021 digital Causley Festival of Arts & Literature, allowing it to go ahead properly this year: in a ‘virtual’ or traditional form, or a ‘blended’ one.

It’s not all ‘one-way’, though! We’re offering a range of potential rewards for some of those who make a donation. That also includes raffle tickets for each donor, big or small, to win a stay at Cyprus Well, Charles Causley’s former home in Launceston, and now an inspirational centre for writers and artists.

Whether you’re looking to spare just £5, or all the way up to £1,000 or more, we and many others linked to the success of the Festival would be so grateful for your donation.

Remember, every penny counts. Each single pound raised takes us a step closer to delivering another fantastic Causley Festival of the Arts & Literature – for everyone, everywhere, to participate in, and enjoy.

For more information about our fundraising campaign, and about the Festival – and most especially to make your own donation, of any size whatsoever – please now visit:


Covid-19 updateThe Causley Trust Staff are working from home until further notice and can be contacted by email as usual. We hope you all stay safe and well.